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Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in the first time

First, go to the website you are a member of and log-in by entering your temporary email address and password into the log-in box (which is usually on the right of the homepage).

Once you have logged in successfully you will notice a new "members' area" menu bar has appeared below the "public" menu bar. Click on "my profile" in this new menu bar. This is your online profile and contains the information held on you by the organisation at present. (As this is the first time you have logged-in this information is viewable only by you and the admin.)

Now click on the words "EDIT PROFILE" or the person/pen icon in the log-in box. You will be taken to the "General Information" page. Below the introduction to data protection (scroll down the page) is your profile in "edit mode".

You can now change the information in your profile if you wish. THE FIRST THING YOU NEED TO DO BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE is scroll down to the "Email" section and change the temporary email address/ID and temporary password. We suggest you change the email/ID to your normal email address (if you have one) and the temporary password to something more memorable. (If you do not have an email address just make one up in the right format such as matthew@site.com) Then click on "Save & Finish" you will automatically be ejected from the Member's Area. Now re-access the area using the email address and password you entered. From now on you will be able to access the area using these log-in details - please help keep your members' area secure by keeping them private!

Having done this why not go back into your profile by clicking on "My Profile" and consider what information you would like to make available to other members and the general public using the drop-down boxes at the top of each section of information.

  • "Admin only": only you and the Club Admin can view the data.

  • "Anyone": members and non-members can view the data. Non-members can only view "Anyone" information if they know your name and use it to search in the "Directory" section of the main site. You may be happy for some information to be accessible to non-members, such as work or professional details.

  • "Members+Admin": the most commonly used setting - this means your data is only available to admin and bone-fide members who have logged-on. Consider making this your "default" setting for each section.

To help safeguard the data held on the site all information on the host server is encrypted. Also each member has a unique email ID and password, considerably reducing the likelihood that any non-members will gain access to information, and the site tracks each member's activities while they are logged-on to the site, as a further disincentive to information mining and other abuses.

There are a number of information sections in your profile but these are optional - you do not have to complete them all on your first visit! Please add, update or change information as you wish, remembering to save by clicking on the "Save & Finish" button at the bottom of the page when you have finished.

I can't log in

Remember that to login your password is case sensitive, so check that your CAPS LOCK key is off.

If you are still having trouble logging in then check the error message (normally displayed in the login box). Your membership may have expired or been disabled, contact the site administrator to resolve the issue.

If you can login but don't stay logged in when you navigate around the member's site the problem is normally due to cookies. Check your browser's settings to ensure that cookies are allowed. If you have any security software such as Norton Firewall, BlackIce Defender or ZoneAlarm make sure that it isn't blocking cookies.

I get "ERROR: We cannot identify your profile." when editing my profile

Please make sure that no security programs such as Norton Internet Security/Personal Firewall, BlackICE Defender etc are blocking cookies.

If no other security programs are interfering then this error is usually seen when users are running Internet Explorer with 'High' privacy/security settings.

With Internet Explorer 6
To allow access to the site go to the 'Tools' menu and click on 'Internet Options' and select the 'Privacy' tab. Click and drag the slider to Medium or below. Click the 'OK' button. Now access the site and edit your profile.

With Internet Explorer 5/5.5
To allow access to the site go to the 'Tools' menu and click on 'Internet Options' and select the 'Security' tab. Choose 'Internet' (the globe) and if you can't see a slider below click the 'Default Level' button. Make sure the slider is set at 'Medium' or below. Click the 'OK' button. Now access the site and edit your profile.

More information is available in this Microsoft article.

This error used to read "ERROR: wm_code needs to be a number" and may still do so on older sites.

Somebody has locked my profile!

Firstly try waiting a few minutes before loading your profile again, an administrator may be editing your profile.

If this keeps happening then you may be having trouble with the profile forms. Never use the back button or clink an external link when editing your profile - only use the buttons at the bottom of each page of the profile form.

If you locked yourself by using the back button then don't worry - simply click on a few other pages of the site (while still logged in) and the system will automatically clear your locks and give you a second chance.

I can't change my profile / changes aren't saved

Don't use the back button on your browser when editing a form. You MUST click a save button to store any changes you make to a profile page.

I can' see the link/page/icon I need to do something

Swing Digital sites are developed for standards compliance. If you are having trouble viewing something ensure you are using a compliant browser such as Netscape 6 (or above), Internet Explorer 5 (or above), Mozilla, Safari, Opera 6 (or above).

If you are still having trouble please try restoring your browser preferences to the default (factory) settings. If this doesn't help please report it to Swing Digital.

How to contact Swing Digital for technical support

If the contents of this page haven't resolved your problem then please email support@swingdigital.com