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Online Communities

This is a list of the main features offered by our community system. If you have any questions or would like to discuss setting up a community with us then please email us at

"We would recommend Swing Digital without hesitation."

Jane Robson
CEO, Courtenay HR

  • Fully integrated with our content management tools

  • Content can be locked so that only logged-in members or logged-in members of a specific group can view

  • Have comments on any article or blog entry. Discussions can also be stand-alone

  • Members can easily and quickly publish photo albums attached to their profile

  • Members can look up friends by searching the directory of members

  • Advanced privacy protection features allow members to decided precisely which pieces of information others can view

  • Rich relationship features allow family, tutor and any other relationship link to be mapped and searched on

  • Administrators can tag individuals or groups with an unlimited number of keywords

  • Members can create an address book through the site with shortcuts to their best friends

  • Graphical site calendar which allows members to submit events to be promoted to the public. The calendar can also store private events that only members can view themselves

  • Members who set their birthdays to be viewable have the happy day automatically highlighted on the community's calendar

  • Through a friendly web-based interface members can post to a member news area updating each other on their progress

  • Members can request to receive an automated email each month of members in their year group who have accessed the site

  • Members' contact details can be download in vCard format

  • As membership approaches expiry automated emails can be sent out to remind your users to pay their subscription fee

  • All personal member data is stored on our servers in an encrypted format

  • InTouch system allows members who have hidden their email addresses to be contacted securely and privately

  • Email targeting system allows members to be sent emails based on a wide range of criteria including interests, location, age and much more

  • An advanced change-management and tracking system protects the precious user data from loss

  • Members can be shown messages on login

  • Administrators can view the usage patterns of users

  • Members can be banned from one or more parts of the community without being excluded from the whole system

  • All member data can be exported from the admin interface into an Excel-compatible format

  • A complete web-based system, no add-ons or hardware purchase necessary

  • Built on Open Source, best-of-breed, technologies including PHP, MySQL and Apache - the world's most popular web server